image001Allen Custom frame is the oldest frame shop in Washington DC.  Spanning 86 years and 3 generations, we have framed just about everything that can be framed. Our staff is passionate about art and we enjoy what we do.  We only use acid free materials and offer different levels of preservation framing.  We can handle your poster, kids art or highly collectible document.  Understanding what your artwork needs is essential and our staff is qualified to make the right recommendations.

Quite frequently we answer questions from customers who don’t know where to begin when it comes to framing their artwork.  We are always willing to work within your budget, time constraint or particular need.  We offer a complete line of services from pickup and design to delivery and hanging.  We have handled orders of over 500 in quantity and sizes up to 6 x 8 feet. We are fully insured and have several units to safely store your artwork while in our possession.

Allen Custom Frame offers a wide array of framing options. Basic framing usually includes a single or double mat, acid free backing, glass or plexi and the frame.

image002Regarding the glazing, or glass, conservation clear glass is the new standard since it does not cost much more than regular glass and offers the best protection of any glazing. There are several other glazing options including various types of plexiglass.  We offer the full line of True Vue glazing products and we also offer a new line of picture frame glass products from GroGlass.

Filets are small decorate wood strips that are usually placed under a mat.  They are very attractive and stand out more than an inner mat would.  A filet usually matches the frame in color and/or style.  Using a combination of matching filet and frame is always a great design but it’s not for everything.

Frames come in all shapes and sizes.  We are always careful to make sure you choose the right frame based on factors other than just design.  Other important factors such as wall placement, wall color, height, amount of light and pricing are considered. Frames are priced by the foot and the range is great.  The majority of the frames we sell to our customers range from $10-$30 per foot.  We also have the greatest selection of 22 Karat gold leaf frame samples in our area.

Allen Custom Frame only uses the best quality samples from a multitude of suppliers such as:


Larson JuhlRomaCMIBellaGarrettAMCIAMPF, & Nurre Caxton  We have over 3000 samples to choose from in our showroom. We also carry all the mat samples from BainbridgeCrescent and Artique.

Most importantly, our customers trust us with their priceless works of art.  We have several customers that actually drop off their artwork without taking part in the design process.  They leave it all to us. We also guarantee our work.  If you are not happy with the final product we are not happy and we will change it at no additional cost.